July 18, 2011

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Two shattered box office records over the weekend, taking in $168 million domestically and an astonishing $476 million worldwide, and proving once and for all that people will pay big money to avoid reading something.

On Friday, former celebrity couple Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony announced they have filed for divorce. And when I say "former celebrity couple," I do mean that in every sense of the words.

Yesterday was National Ice Cream Day, which just is as much of a holiday as any other fake holiday.

Five member of the North Korean women's World Cup soccer team tested positive for steroids after being treated with musk deer gland-based medication following a lightning strike. Fun fact: if you try programing a robot to say that sentence, it will explode.

In an attempt to stabilize rising prices, China will be releasing more than 200,000 tons of frozen pork from the nation's strategic pork reserves. Or as it was reported in China, "Everything is fine. Go back to what you were doing."

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