June 16, 2011

A KFC franchise in Utah is currently running a promotion where it's selling half gallon "Mega Jugs" of soda for $2.99, with $1 of every sale going toward—and this is true—diabetes research. Apparently this came after the failure of the restaurant's previous promotion: charging people $3 for a whole chicken, then shooting them in the face.

A new study says Facebook users are more trusting than people who do not use the social network. Although if we are to believe the Justice Department, they are still not quite as trusting as MySpace users...

The Boston Bruins won hockey's Stanley Cup last night, which is adorable.

The public website for the CIA went down yesterday after an attack by the hacker group Lulz Security. That's right, America: the CIA has been outmatched by something called "Lulz Security." If you need me, I will be down in the bomb shelter. Crying.

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