April 5, 2011

President Barack Obama officially launched his 2012 reelection campaign Monday. The move is expected to give Obama a leg up on the still-wide open Republican field, although he is still polling well behind the always strong ticket of Disillusionment/Disinterest.

Fast food pizza chain and food court staple Sbarro announced yesterday it will be filing for bankruptcy. Great, now where am I supposed to eat when the line is too long at Arby's?

In other fast food news, McDonald's made a splash by announcing it will hire 50,000 new American workers on April 19. I don't know, call me a cynic, but when we're all so quick to say, "Wow, McDonald's is hiring!" the economy probably still has some recovering to do.

The University of Connecticut men's basketball team won the 2011 NCAA Tournament yesterday with its victory over Butler University. Huskies coach Jim Calhoun said he plans to celebrate by committing various recruiting violations.

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