April 18, 2011

Today is Tax Day in the United States, so feel free to skip the middle man and just mail a briefcase full of money to China.

The U.S. Department of Justice blocked access to three of the Web's largest online poker sites Friday, essentially signaling an end to most of the country's real-money Internet poker. So I guess it's back to World of Warcraft for you, huh nerds?

In an interview on Fox News, Donald Trump propagated yet another Barack Obama conspiracy theory—that Obama's first book, "Dreams From My Father," was written by Vietnam-era radical Bill Ayers. Trump is already an avowed "Birther," and has also suggested Obama may be a secret Muslim. Hmm...Hey, I kind of want to try something. Just go with it:

"Barack Obama is actually a hologram. And, as everybody knows, all holograms are Socialists." - A Super Reputable Source

(Alright, so if you ever see Donald Trump, please pass along this shocking new information, and then I'll keep an eye out in future interviews. OK, cool.)

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