March 2, 2011

Former Arkansas Governor and potential 2012 Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee drew attention yesterday for saying President Obama developed his worldview by spending his childhood in Kenya—this despite the fact that Obama grew up in Hawaii and did not visit Kenya until he was in his 20s. A Huckabee spokesperson later said the former Governor "simply misspoke," but President Obama wasn't buying it, saying "that sort of thing never would have flown back in Kenya...damnit!"

In a letter to Congress, Facebook announced it will soon begin giving third parties access to users' personal information, including home addresses and telephone numbers. Which is why I have changed my telephone number to 911—take that, corporations!

Heinous violation of privacy aside, can we just appreciate for a moment how awesome it must be to be Facebook? You get to announce your future plans in letters to Congress. Who does that? When I write a letter to Congress, I get a form letter and a bumper sticker, but when Facebook does it, it's national news. The lesson, as always: if you really want to get anything done in this world, start hoarding people's personal information, then sell it to companies for a profit.

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