February 1, 2011

Hundreds of thousands of people flooded the streets of Cairo today as the movement in Egypt grew even larger, bolstered by the military's pledge to not use force against them. However, the crowd was ultimately left disappointed, as Mr. Bieber declined to step out onto the balcony and appease his fans.

In an unexpected move, King Abdullah II of Jordan fired his government earlier today after a series of protests in that country. But then again, you know Jordan—always having to steal Egypt's thunder.

Yesterday, Illinois became the sixth state to recognize same-sex civil unions when Governor Pat Quinn signed the measure into law. Today, Illinois is bracing for its worst snowstorm in a decade. Connection? Well, I think it's pretty obvious: God prefers gay marriage.

Google's Android operating system has passed Nokia's Symbian as the most popular smartphone platform in the world. To celebrate, Google said it will be buying all of its employees iPhones.


  1. Ben, this is great stuff. Keep it up.
    Terry Pensel

  2. Awesome. But, isn't it steal and not steel?